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Dr.Kast, after years of juvenile offenses stemming from his perverted obsession with young girls started his terrible career in 1976 by purchasing a medical degree from the Guadalajara School of Medicine located in (you guessed it) Guadalajara Mexico.

So now that this *** *** has figured out a way to use daddy's money to buy a license to kill, its off to the sunshine state.

He opens, of all things, a Gynecological practice in Miami with his partner in crime, Nabil Ghali. These two sickos rape, mame, and murder younger women for over a decade before finally catching a conviction in 1982 for 4 counts of unlawful sexual contact with a minor, resulting in the revocation of his partners license and the collapse of the clinic. Unfortunately, Daddy's money comes through again and Kast manipulates the system and gets away with his store bought license to practice and continues to *** abortions, rape patients, and deliberately punish women. Then comes the domestic violence era with Dr.

Kast. This clown is plaintiff in a lawsuit every six months racking up restraining orders and various other charges, the latest of which was in 2004. with the word out on his abuse of women, and daddy's money depleted, he switches gears to full blown scammer after a lifelong spree like this one Daddy's money has finally run out, so this clown decides hes going to be the next big thing in the financial arena. Like a page right out of Bernie Maddofs playbook he begins launching one fake business opportunity after another building a ponzi scheme even the big boys would be proud of.

Now that he's scammed millions from innocent investors the exact same way he hurt women, with his reputation:(that's right this guy comes across as the "good doctor" here to help) all the while, figuring out the fastest way to get what he wants no matter who he has to hurt in the process.The facts are simple, very sad, and scary, but simple:Dr. Robert Kast is a horrible doctor with sub standard training and technique. He is a ***, his perverted tendencies can be traced back to early adolescents, he is desperate, which makes him even more sinister and destructive. He has been in and out of courts at least once a year since he began back in the early seventies.

I would like to see someone put an end to his rein of terror and hopefully this will raise enough questions for you to take the time to look for yourselves. The court system is a valuable tool if used correctly. These records are available to all. Unfortunately, with the right funding and support, people like Dr.

Kast can go a long time without seeing justice.In order to stay safe i would steer clear of this guy at all costs!

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Lissy, is a pitty that you will have to pass for such horrible experiences with that murder of Dr. Kast, he is a monster, I live near by and just a month ago where a bunch of polices around. HE IS A MURDER A MONSTER.

My niece die because of HIM



I would like to how people can go around and slander people, and how can you Pissed Off Consumer not check the facts before you publish.

Shame on all of you. How do you sleep at night.

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