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I've seen the posts. I don't want to stay quiet anymore. I'm well in my 50's today but the memories are that of just yesterday. I was young, and of all my mistakes, this one haunts me to this day. I was just a young girl, I was in my early 20's, in fact I was only about 21 years old. Pretty, vibrant, a promising career as an art teacher, and the hottest boy from campus. That hot boy didn't last one hour past the news I told him that day. I was pregnant. Cutting the initial drama out of my story, it was all very painful, from beginning to... well, there really hasn't been an end yet. My mother, at that time, took me to see Dr. Robert Kast at Dadeland Center. It wasn't anything ot look at, but it was the 80's back then, things were a little different. Dr. Kast was recommended to my mother by a close friend of hers.

I still remember the smell of the room I was taken to. I remember all the noises, and I remember all the girls in there. Like an assembly line of broken dreams. I kept telling myself, this was the right move, this was the right thing for me to do. I went through with the operation and felt horrible after it was supposedly finished. I wanted to put it all behind me but I couldn't, this was just the beginnig. That night it husrt so badly all I could do was roll around and moan in pain. My mother called the doctor for me who told her to just give me more Tylenol and sleep, that I would feel better in the morning. I didn't make it to morning. That night I was rushed to the emergency room where the remaining fetus had to be removed. A head and an appendage remained inside my body after the abortion proceedure with Dr. Kast. When confronted with the evidence from the hospital, he commented that the body should have naturally expelled the remains natually. My family and I persued the issue, but justice certainly was not received that day. He still practices today. Whith what is "seemingly" a perfectly fine doctor's reputation.

There was severe damage to my uterus and lining that I have never been able to have children of my own. Whether it was mental or physical, I never bore my own child. Thankfully, my husband of 15 years has a beautiful daughter who considers me "Mom". My life worked out, but my pain has yet to subside. I wish nothing more than to make others aware of Kast's abilities, or lack their of. Anyone I could save from having to live with the nightmares and recollections I do, is worth it.

He should NOT have his license in good standing, or at all.

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Delray Beach, Florida, United States #640226

:eek :eek :eek :eek :eek


HE IS A MURDER.I'm a neighbor and I saw the police no long time a go and he is the bactery of humanity...

He is worst than amonster is pure manure. he kill my niece.

please post this infrormation in linked in too he is so corrupt Judges cover his back because he is filty wealthy.IS HORRIBLE PLEASE SOMEBODY HAS TO STOP THAT BUTCHER OF INNOCENT GIRLS


Concerned Patron how do you know the story is true.I think it's slander..

This women has some kind of grudge to settle just read the story and read between the lines.. That's what I get from it.

And I think nikalseyn nailed it No one writes a sob story like this on a complaint site for consumer products!!!Let me go a step further my guess is CarlaH and This scary is one and the same, Time for you and you alters to get a life.


He is a Monster's mounster, I eard so much about his poor behavior to treat people tha I cannot imagine he can keep any patien.

My BF when to a check out and the guy was insulting her and his personel, is like he's always in on something, and he receive her in his house, which stinks.

The Worst experience ever for her, she was ill for weeks just about the disgusting impression of his low costumer aproach.

The worst he has several crazy women getting clients for him, SICK women that can sell themselves to the devil.


Speak OUT to plead and get this trash out of our health sistem


Ican't believe what I read before; since all my family female and I'm Dr.Kast patiens...The desciption on top looks so unfited for what he has been doing to us, in fact I don't even believe he will performe any abortion at all, unless the case could put indanger the life of a mother...

He is not that kind of Dr. at all and there was not Justice in any reson for an ABORTION. Dr. Kast has received several awards and recognitions by high Medical Intitutions in US and around the world; so is unfair that you publish this when I'm totally sure HE won't do any abortion.

In my family we are very please by the respect and diligence in which we have been under the care of Dr. Kast.

We have been bless with new borns delivered by him.SO is hard to believe that coment can be true.

Sarah C.


It would blow your mind if you knew what other antics Dr. Kast was involved in.


Don't listen to nikalseyn, you're just a bitter wagon hopper.Carla, my sincerest condolences, what a horrific experience.

Doctors like this should be put out of business or made to ratake tests or something. There are obviously complications with any procedure but this sounds like just plain negligence...

that he got away with!I'm so sorry to hear of this story.


Nice story, lady(if, indeed, you are a female).You should have been a novelist.

You represent an anti-abortion group of some sort and have written this tear-jerker in order to try and sway some young miss away from getting an abortion.No one writes a sob story like this on a complaint site for consumer products!!!

You are really giving those of us who are against state-sanctioned infanticide a bad name.

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